david hall

As a stillife photographer with over 35 years of experience in advertising, my primary area of work is now centred on photographing art objects for museums, galleries and private collectors, a field which requires all the skills and expertise gained in advertising photography.

Born in London, I trained at Vogue Studios for 4 years, followed by 3 years as an assistant in the studio of Tony May. After a break travelling in Europe and America, I began working as a freelance assistant with well-known London photographers Snowdon, Barry Lategan, James Mortimer, David Tack, Clive Arrowsmith etc. which covered all fields of photography, with emphasis on fashion, cars, stillife and interiors. Through chance, I came to work in Germany and subsequently set up my own studio in Frankfurt.

My team and I can offer all aspects of analog photography, from large format (8 x 10 inch) colour transparencies to black-and-white gelatin silver prints, important for their archival properties. At the same time, we are equipped with the latest digital camera and computer technology and can provide digital images of the highest quality.